Tech Tools You Can Use to Improve Your Hotel Service

The hospitality sector is constantly searching for the next great thing to draw visitors and enhance their stay. Using the most recent trends to your advantage is one approach to achieving this. In many ways, the hotel sector drives the adoption of smart business technology in other business arenas.

Check-In Using Facial Recognition

One of the most often used procedures in the sector is checking in. Computers may speed up the process now, but for many people, little has changed since the era before the internet. But things are beginning to change.

At the check-in step, facial recognition technologymakes a potentially difficult process simple and quick for visitors. Additionally, it demonstrates your modernity to guests. After all, a company that uses facial recognition technology is bound to offer more cutting-edge benefits, like speedier Wi-Fi.

Smartphones as Room Keys

Granting admission to authorised guests while ensuring their safety and preventing unauthorised guests from entering is one of the first difficulties any resort or hotel has encountered. The solution has always been keys, even in the early days of the hospitality sector. Many hotels are moving to disposable key cards as technology advances to simplify check-out and lower costs.

Today, many hotels give customers room access using mobile apps. This eliminates physical keycard inventory, which is prone to loss and demagnetization. Plastic keycards are also a threat to the environment.

Additionally, since there are no additional keys for visitors to misplace or lose, it simplifies matters for them. In the end, your visitors will enjoy their stay more and complain less about visiting the front receptionist to receive another key.

Smart Room Service

Hotels can transmit menu notifications to customers’ smartphones at the best moments while in their rooms using smart occupancy sensors. These messages may even contain tailored advice based on previous purchases. This facilitates a simple and straightforward process for any order.

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