How Your Hotel Can Accommodate Guests Who Smoke

Hotels in countries around the world are increasingly becoming no smoking establishments, often due to laws being introduced that forbid smoking in public spaces. This doesn’t mean that smoke-free hotels can’t accommodate smoking customers however. Here are some tips for how your hotel can cater for customers who smoke, without having to break any laws banning it inside the building.

Smoking Area

Since many countries have now outlawed smoking inside public buildings, including hotels, an outdoor smoking area has become essential for hoteliers wanting to keep welcoming customers who smoke. Whilst prior to international bans, smoking areas were known to be unfavourable places exposed to the elements, they’ve come a long way since people have had no choice but to use them. Outdoor heaters are a must if your hotel is located in a country that’s often cold, allowing your customers to keep warm even if standing outside getting their fix of nicotine. A shelter is also an essential feature to provide, ensuring customers aren’t caught in the rain. You could consider having some seats and small tables, meaning your guests can sit down and even take their drinks outside whilst having a smoke. Ashtrays should be provided also, enabling cigarette ends to be disposed of safely without having to be cleaned up from the floor regularly.

Smoking Alternatives

Since public smoking is being increasingly banned across the globe, a large number of people have taken it as an opportunity to cut back on how much they smoke or to quit smoking altogether. The more inconvenient smoking becomes, more people will begin to seek out alternatives. One alternative is velo nicotine pouches which is a healthier alternative to smoking that your hotel could stock. Following the pandemic, hotels continue to struggle to bring their revenues back up and stocking products such as velo nicotine pouches is one additional revenue stream that could help boost profits. Smoking Alternatives like velo nicotine pouches taste better than conventional smoking and don’t require going outside, meaning guests at your hotel can pop one in their mouth to satisfy their nicotine cravings and won’t need to regularly leave the room to smoke in the cold.


Overall, to cater towards guests who smoke it’s important that any measures taken remain convenient. If you have a large hotel, it could be worth considering having multiple smoking areas at different outdoor exits – preventing the need for customers to trek to the other side of the hotel for a smoke. Any smoking alternatives offered such as velo nicotine pouches should be readily available and promoted properly so customers know the choice is there, such as stocking them at the reception desk and in the bar with posters around the hotel to promote them. Smoking bans have added a layer of inconvenience to smokers lives, but your hotel can still make specific accommodations that don’t provide too much hassle to your guests and make life that little bit easier.

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