What You Need to Know About Hotels

In the service industry, hotels serve as an essential component catering to clients who require accommodation for a night or a more extended period. The hotel industry is closely related to the transport industry with people from different parts of the world needing to access hotels, even those from far away destinations travelling by air, land or sea. It’s important to note that there is a difference between the hotel and hospitality industries. The hospitality industry is concerned with providing leisure, accommodation, bars, and restaurants, among other tourism and travel services. On the other hand, the hotel industry offers guest accommodation and related services.

Types of Accommodation in the Hotel Industry

The word “hotel” is generally used to refer to guest accommodation. Several facilities fall under the umbrella term, which will be discussed below.

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Hotels are the most common accommodation options in the industry. Hotels are mostly used by travellers and provide overnight accommodation and other services such as food. Hotels are not only restricted to travellers but also locals can visit the establishments.

Bed and Breakfast

Also known as B&B, a bed and breakfast is an independent establishment that offers individual rooms for an overnight stay and is mostly converted from private homes.

To conclude, we have a wide range of accommodation facilities which you should consider when going on your next trip.

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