What Every Hotel Must Have on Their Website

In recent times, whenever people want to book a hotel or any accommodation choice, the first place they go to is on their website. That is why every hotel that wants to attract many customers must have a functional website. If people go to a hotel’s website and they find that it does not work well, they will simply assume that the hotel is not in operation. Once they move to another website, chances are that they will never come back to the broken site. If you run or own a hotel, some of the things that you must have on the website are as follows.

Photos/Virtual Tours

Most people book hotels not just to find a place to sleep, but to have a beautiful experience. They are also looking for comfort and space so that they can have a relaxing time. Having 3-D virtual tours is becoming a popular feature in most of the websites that feature hotels. You can also add photos and videos that give the true impression of the space. Make sure that the images and video on the website have been taken professionally and compressed for the web so that they do not take too long to load.

Contact Details

After people have gone through the website, the next step is always to reach out with enquiries or booking requests. When they cannot find your contact details, they will get frustrated and leave. Hotels should have all the essential information about their location, including their physical location on the map. They should also add their social media networks on the website since most people who are online are likely to be using social media.


When it comes to the service industry, most people are always looking out for reviews. Hotels should work on boosting their reviews and then showcasing the best ones on their website. The reviews should be genuine and give the right feel of what it means to stay at the hotel.

These tips work best if the website has been done by professionals. There should also be a marketing team whose role is to promote the content on the website.

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