Choosing the Right Decor for a Hotel

The decor of a hotel is among the first things that guests notice when they check into a hotel. If you are a hotel owner or manager, you should dedicate some time into picking the right decor. Some tips that will help you choose the right decor for your hotel are:

Choose Natural Colours

When it comes to hotels, it is safer to stay with natural colours, such as white, black, brown and grey. Not only are these colours easy to work with when buying other furniture to create a theme, but they are also easier to clean and polish. Neutral colours also have a relaxing effect on people, and this is much appreciated especially after a long day of travel.

Invest in Rugs and Carpets

Rugs and arpets add cosiness in a room. You should choose rugs that complement the theme of the hotel. It is always better to invest in high-quality floor covering so that you do not have to keep shutting down the hotel when you tear down the floor covering to do a replacement. Good quality rugs and carpets are also cost-friendly in the long run.

Add Statement Lighting

You should never underestimate what good lighting can do to a room. Good hotel decor should play with both natural and artificial lighting to create a classy feel. For instance, adding some detailed chandelier can change a room from being basic to extremenly classy. You can also add some bedside lamps in the rooms to show that some thought was put into organising the room. Check out unique lamps from the tightly rated House Doctor site so that you understand what is trendy now.

Put in Some Artwork

There is something so beautiful about having unique artwork in strategic places of the hotel. They should be placed in distinct areas so that they are clearly visible to the people who are using the facility. Some tips for choosing the right art include;

  • Going for cultural pieces that tell the story of the place where the hotel is located. It is even better if you engage local artists to help you come up with the art pieces.
  • Contrast is okay. You can have a plain wall with a colourful water painting.
  • Complementing the theme of the hotel so that the art work blends in.

If you are not sure about getting the right decor, you should consider working with a professional interior designer.

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