Features of a Good Hotel Website

In this day and age, your hotel business may not see the light of the day if you don’t have a good working website. In fact, the majority of hotel guests today book rooms online. Unless someone else is marketing your hotel via their website, you need to have your own site where people can visit, learn about what your establishment offers, and book if they have to. A hotel website is a must, in a nutshell.

Features of a Good Hotel Website

A web designer has just finished their job, and you’re now good to go. How will you know that you have a great website?

It should run seamlessly across multiple devices: While your website may not run across all devices, it should be compatible with at least all the popular options, including smartphones, laptops, and even desktops. Tablets should not be left out either. This should happen without sacrificing the user experience. Someone who is visiting your hotel website on an Android device should have almost, if not the same, experience as someone who is using a refurbished Macbook pro 15, for instance.

It should contain visuals: Forget about what people hear about your business; what they see for themselves is critical when it comes to deciding whether or not to book. As such, your website should contain clear images of your hotel, the rooms, washrooms, restaurant section, spa (if any), and other amenities around it. Videos will even be better. Just ensure that all the images are clear so that an iPhone user can see them as clearly as a refurbished MacBook Pro 15 user.

Good support: Yes, good customer support complements a great website. The support team should be at the service of visitors always and should be able to handle all the queries and other matters as brought forth by customers and leads. Any communication breakdown could bring down your business since customers prefer being where they are attended to without waiting for too long.

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