Luxury Hotels and Staff Dress Codes

Every hotel has certain expectations placed upon them, but when it is a luxury hotel, then client expectation really goes up a notch. One of the many factors that are going to come into play about the opinions reached concerning the hotel is the presentation of the staff.

Staff Presentation

How the staff conducts themselves will play an important role in how they present themselves, but so will their appearance. This puts hotel owners in a precarious position as they need to inform their employees as to proper attire, but at the same time stay within the boundaries of what they are legally allowed to do as an employer.

Taking Control of Employee Appearances

Hotel managers can take some control over the way their employees dress, but at the same time, they must follow regulations that are applicable to this, as they apply to the workplace.

Suggestions for Setting a Dress Code

The proper approach to implementing a dress code can go a long way in making this a success. Some of the things that can be done are subtle suggestions.

Attire Suggestions

When making suggestions for attire, this has to be done carefully and tactfully and be within the law. For example, a suggestion of wearing good quality shoes that are flat can be presented as being beneficial to the employees as they are on their feet all day. Then the suggestion can be carried further that appropriate clothing to be worn with these would be a dress, skirt and blouse, or sweater and dress trousers. This is as it pertains to the female employees. The same suggestions could be made to the males, that they may want to wear casual dress shoes for the same comfort reasons. Hopefully, this will get the message across that running shoes or sandals have no place in the luxury hotel. At least not when they are worn by employees.

What has to Be Avoided

Hotel managers have to refrain from setting any rules regarding appearance that are gender-based. This is because of equality rules where both genders in the workforce have to be treated equally. It can not be suggested that the female employees wear make-up or have their nails manicured, or wear their hair in a certain manner. These are not requirements that would be feasibly placed on their male counterparts. However, what can be done is that employees can be told that they are expected to have clean hands and nails, and wear their hair in an appropriate manner, so it doesn’t interfere with their duties.

A Better Approach

A better approach may be to have a staff meeting, and make the staff responsible for coming up with an appropriate dress code. This makes them feel more in control and more likely to comply.

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