What Hotel Management Entails

If there is one career which is awash with exciting developments, interesting people, and challenges, it is hotel management. Hotel managers wear many hats. They are the ones responsible for the day-to-day hotel operation. They coordinate the staff and oversee everything that is done in the hotel. A hotel manager is also responsible for budgeting and managing the finances of the hotel. In larger hotel establishments, managers could be responsible for more specific remits such as marketing, accounting, or guest services.


  • Planning and organising hotel services, accommodation and catering
  • Maintaining financial and statistical records of the hotel
  • Setting and achieving sales and profit goals
  • Controlling expenditure
  • Managing financial plans and budgets
  • Ensuring that the hotel operates in compliance with regulations such as licensing, health and safety laws
  • Carrying out service and property inspections
  • Ensuring that the hotel environment is secure and safe for both guests and the staff
  • Dealing with suppliers and contractors
  • Supervising any renovations and maintenance of the hotel
  • Analysing and troubleshooting any emerging problems
  • Handling of customer comments and complaints
  • Planning work schedules for the hotel staff
  • Recruiting, training, and monitoring of the team
  • Devising strategies for revenue management of the hotel

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